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What is a logo? Why is it essential? And what makes a good logo? A logo refers to the visual representation of a particular business’s branding. It is the first thing that customers see and relate with in regards to that specific company. Most of the higher-tier brands in today’s market have unique logos known to most customers, which help the companies maintain their positions. However, other brands are not well-known, and their customer base is not broad because they lack an attractive logo. The following are some of the features that make a logo stand out and attract more traffic to your business:


Is your company’s logo relevant to the market it targets? A good logo vividly describes a brand’s personality and identity to make it stand out among its competitors. Using a free logo grid template, logo designers need to practice caution in their colors because different colors evoke varying emotions and display the brand’s personality to the clients. For instance, bright colors on a toy company’s logo show energy, fun, and excitement.

The font used in the logo matters as it communicates its tone and values and, consequently, defines its personality better. Finally, the symbols on a logo should create a connection between the brand, values, and ideas.


Simplicity is of the essence when thinking about and creating a good logo for your beauty brand. If you look at the top brand’s logos, for instance, you will realize that the majority are simple. Such logos are easy to identify and remember. A logo has just a few seconds to communicate more about a brand. That is why it should be as simple as possible so that prospective customers can gather enough information within that time.


When you talk about a logo’s versatility, you refer to one that can be used in different ways, shapes, and situations. If you can use your logo in only one size online, you will have limited ways of exposing your brand to the world. On the flip side, a logo that can be placed on any print material significantly increases the visibility of the brand it represents. Versatility is not seen in logos that become distorted, unclear, illegible, or unrecognizable when resized for packaging or printed on a billboard. When designing a good logo, avoid too many lines, colors, and elements. Such could lead to a complicated design that scales poorly.


How memorable a logo is directly affects how often customers will go for the brand’s products. Customers should relate and memorize a good logo from the first time they see it. Besides capturing their attention, your brand’s logo should leave an impression on the viewer’s minds. As discussed earlier, simplicity is one of the factors that promote the memorability of a logo. Additionally, you should also have enough knowledge of the competitive landscape. This will give you hints on creating a good logo that will stand out from the competition and an easy-to-remember one, for that matter.


Can you, and anyone else, read the brand’s name from its logo without straining? If you answered no, you have an issue that needs an instant solution. Some logo designers over-do the word mark by styling the first letter, or all the letters, too much that they are not legible. Some even replace the letters with shapes that may alter how the word is read. If you are not sure of the legibility of your brand’s logo, it is advisable to consult other people to find out if they can read it.

The above five features are the most important if your goal is to create an outstanding and attractive logo. The features remain constant, but the aspects vary depending on the brand’s industry and needs.

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