The 8 Best Yoga Books for Beginners • Ubods

An essential first step to getting started with a yoga practice is to find a good book to teach you the basics. The best...



How to Incorporate Koan Meditation into Your Practice and Your Life – Ubods

By Dr. Kaiya Ansorge What is a koan? A koan is a phrase or word that is used in meditation to train the mind. Usually, the koan is somewhat puzzling in order to invite...

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37 Ways To Tell Someone You Miss Them

Telling someone you miss them does not have to be hard, but you don’t want to come across as weirdly obsessive either.  These days, people...

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It's natural to believe that simply avoiding the old-school, sugar-coated, candy-colored cereals popular in decades past is a smart way to steer toward something healthier. But...

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5 Soup-Eating Habits That Help With Weight Loss, Says Dietitian — Eat This Not That

Leaves are golden and falling and there's a bite in the air that's chilly but also cozy in its familiarity. Mittens are making their...

The #1 Best Food to Reduce Visceral Fat, According to Science — Eat This Not That

Body fat is not all bad. In fact, you need it to survive. According to the American Heart Association, body fat not only helps...

The Role of High Protein Foods in Weight Loss- HealthifyMe

Nutritionists recommend high protein diets for reducing and managing obesity by improving body weight management. For every 1 kg of body weight, the...

Popular Foods Behind Your Winter Weight Gain, Say Dietitians — Eat This Not That

With temperatures rapidly getting cooler, it's natural to lament the shorter days, the need to bundle up, and the sudden dearth of opportunities for...


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